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Vuvuzela Button

Vuvuzela Button free game

In this funny free game online you can blow the vuvuzela horn, for your fun or just to annoy your friends.
Category: Funny

Circus Ride

Circus Ride free game

Ride and show your skills in this funny free game online. Balance yourself and avoid falling. Collect points to score high and remember that you have limited time to complete each level.
Category: Funny

Obama Facial

Obama Facial free game

Take of care Obama's face in this funny free game online. Exterminate all acne using thumb according to acne coordinates shown. If you apply it on wrong coordinate, your job will be over.
Category: Funny

Raising A Baby 4 Gangnam Style

Raising A Baby 4 Gangnam Style free game

A funny free game online that makes the baby dance without getting caught by other people.
Category: Funny


Legwalkovich free game

Legwalkovich has found himself in a bad situation. He has some movement and mutation problems. Play this funny free game online and help him to survive as long as possible.
Category: Funny

Pooper Trooper

Pooper Trooper free game

Pooper Trooper is a manic side-scrolling adventure of Wild West proportions. Play this funny free game online and take control of a monkey and his noble dog companion as they take on the western frontier together. Dodge cacti and rocks, jump deep crevasses, pick up bananas, swish through old western saloon doors, and throw monkey poop! Yee-ha!
Category: Funny

Ostrich Race

Ostrich Race free game

The ostrich got himself into serious trouble. He has to get home in time for dinner.
The road is full of dangers and of obstacles to overcome, and a tornado is right behind him.
Play this funny free game online and try to win also this challenge.
Category: Funny

Kash For Chickens

Kash For Chickens free game

Pata (People for the Awesome Treatment of Animals) wants this chicken establishment out of business by sending waves of lethal chickens your way. Upgrade, earn massive combos, and stop Pata in this funny free game online.
Category: Funny

Little Farm Mahjong

Little Farm Mahjong free game

This time we bring you a mahjong free game online that will look very funny. This flash game is full of farm animals and you have to find their respective partners. If you like mahjong games, sure you'll like this one, because it has a cool country music.
Category: Funny

Penguins From Space! Revenge

Penguins From Space! Revenge free game

Play this funny free game online to defend Earth from waves of space penguins.
Using your tank, accumulate a kill streak to unlock upgrades including speed boost, a shield beam and an automated mini gun.
Collect coins to spend them on upgrades at the start of each round. Fight off different enemies and defend Earth as long as you can.
Category: Funny

Crazy Cats

Crazy Cats free game

Will there finally be a victor in the on-going war between cats and dogs? This is no LOL-ing matter. Help defeating the dogs in this funny and cute physics free game online!
Category: Funny

Catch The Mouse

Catch The Mouse free game

You have to catch the mouse in this funny free game online. Trap it by using the pillars. Beware! It's very slippery, so it will not be easy.
Category: Funny

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