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Rock Girl

Rock Girl free game

A rock festival is the perfect event to show the true side of a perfect fashionista. A true Rock'n'Roll Girl is not afraid of trying to mix and match her clothes, being a trendsetter among her troupe of fashionistas. She will still be sweet and cute, but her accessories and patterns will spice up her stylish outfit. Don't be afraid to try different items. Choose from long necklaces to colored belts and try the mini skirts with patterned tights. So, are you ready to rock & roll?
Category: Girls

Sweet Fruit Cake

Sweet Fruit Cake free game

What about a surprise party for your BFF? A tasty cake is necessary. Play this cooking game and make a tasty and beautiful cake. Fresh fruit, sumptuous chocolate, sweet cream... it is so tempting. The sweet birthday is the coolest birthday ever. You have your friends over, get lots of presents and the best part is your colorful cake. The sweetest thing about the cake is that you can decorate it the way that you like: candles, candies, frosting. Use your imagination and creativity to come up with the prettiest, sweetiest and tastiest cake.
Category: Girls

Cold Winter Fashion

Cold Winter Fashion free game

Winter is still here and you need so many things because you love summer. But for winter you don't have so many outfits. So make a list and don't miss a thing. You'll need a woolen cardigan, a long one and a short one, some sporty hoodie, a conservatory skirt that is sweetened by a a funny scarf. Also to keep your hands and feet warm, look for some leather, long boots and cute gloves with a little bit of fur. Be careful not to spend too much, because you want to save some money for the movies too. Watch your spending and have a great time at the mall. Maybe you'll run into the boy you have a crush on too, so be ready!
Category: Girls

Manga Creator: School Days Page.3

Manga Creator: School Days Page.3 free game

Play this fun game and create your own school themed manga. This is the page 3 of this series.
Category: Girls

Dara Dressup

Dara Dressup free game

Dress up Dara, the famous singer, with the clothes and accessories of this cool free game online.
Category: Girls

CL South Korean Idol Dressup

CL South Korean Idol Dressup free game

Dress up CL, the famous singer, with the clothes and accessories of this celebrity dress-up flash game.
Category: Girls

Beauty And Unicorn

Beauty And Unicorn free game

Have you ever imagined how much fun it is to own your own unicorn? This free online game is about a very sweet and beautiful girl and her cute unicorn. She needs your advice on deciding what to wear for a walk into the magic land of unicorns. Choose from a wide variety of marvelous dresses and accessories.
Category: Girls

Check My Goth Style

Check My Goth Style free game

Dress murky girl in various Goth outfits. Select from the variety of hair styles, gloomy shirts, pants and accessories of this dress-up game.
Category: Girls

Show My Beauty

Show My Beauty free game

What a beautiful girl you make up here! Modern fair style, elegant fashion and everything shows her beauty. This girl loves beauty and all that goes with it. Choose the right beauty styles and dress for her.
Category: Girls

Delicious Invincible Strawberry Chocolate Ice Cream

Delicious Invincible Strawberry Chocolate Ice Cream free game

As spring is coming, the temperature is rising. After the long Winter, people can have tasty ice cream now. Concoct a cup of ice cream for you. You can add colorful cream, delicious fruit and so on. Try to make palatable ice cream right now.
Category: Girls

Pink Garden Girl Dress Up

Pink Garden Girl Dress Up free game

Have fun playing this dress-up flash game featuring a beautiful girl in a pink garden.
Category: Girls

Mall Dressup

Mall Dressup free game

Play this dress-up game by placing all the dresses and ornaments onto the girl. Make her looking stylish and beautiful by placing the different kinds of available dressings and ornaments.
Category: Girls

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