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Spring Bride

Spring Bride free game

Dress this nice bride up and have fun playing this romantic free game online.
Category: Girls

Cool Model

Cool Model free game

A dress-up flash game featuring a cool model girl.
Category: Girls

Singer Fashion

Singer Fashion free game

A fashion dress-up game featuring a beautiful singer.
Category: Girls

Wild West Cow Girl

Wild West Cow Girl free game

The cowgirl has told her own story in many styles. What a vigorous and graceful girl she is.
Category: Girls

Mia The Popstar

Mia The Popstar free game

Help Mia to get ready for her greatest concert. Choose the best outfit from her wardrobe and make sure she looks absolutely stunning.
Category: Girls

India Girl

India Girl free game

A sari is a traditional Indian robe, made of a several meters long piece of fabric and wore by women during different occasions. This cute Indian girl has managed to gather quite a collection so far: just take a look at all the beautiful patterns and bright colors! Today's a festive day in India and she must wear her nicest sari. Help her to make a choice and assort the sari with some of the glamorous necklaces, earrings and bangles. And remember that at night she also has to wear a veil for a more mysterious look.
Category: Girls

Newly Weds

Newly Weds free game

This young couple just got married and they want to keep their wedding memory alive with lots of creative wedding photos for their wedding photo album. There's the custom for the bride and the groom to make their wedding album. Prepare the newlyweds for their wedding photos, taking them to lovely locations and dressing them up in gorgeous wedding outfits. The bride prefers the ocean shore and the beach for their wedding photos, but she fancies having their photos taken next to a medieval castle as well. Be their wedding photographer and their fashion stylist, creating a fabulous wedding photo album for them and enjoy this wedding dress-up flash game.
Category: Girls

Delicate Flower Princess

Delicate Flower Princess free game

Princesses are the most beautiful girls in the world. But if one of them is the princess of flowers, she is definitely the most beautiful of all. You can see that we're not lying by spending some time with the gorgeous flower princess in this amazing free online game. Help her to comb her hair, choose her dresses and smell the flowers together. You will see that not only she is beautiful, but she's also very smart and kind. She loves to help people in need, and all the villagers love her because she gives them a lot of help with their daily house chores. This is how a princess should be, because if you only have beauty, it is much more probable that people envy you instead of appreciating you.
So, dress this little princess up and have fun together!
Category: Girls

Fashion Model

Fashion Model free game

A dress-up free game online featuring a gorgeous model girl.
Category: Girls

Girl Make Up

Girl Make Up free game

Practice your make-up skills by making this nice girl up as you like.
Category: Girls

Teen Makeover

Teen Makeover free game

Make this cute teen over and make her looking beautiful and sensual.
Category: Girls

Sweet Girl Dressup

Sweet Girl Dressup free game

Have fun dressing this cute sweet girl up.
Category: Girls

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