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Henry Hippo Valentine Dress Up

Henry Hippo Valentine Dress Up free game

Henry Hippo is a shy and sensitive hippopotamus, with a big heart. He loves nature, music and everything beautiful. The nature is his home and he's happy to go through all the spring revival of plants, summer hot months, autumn beautiful days and even winter cold days full of white, immaculate snow. But most of all he loves spring days, when all comes back to life. And especially the 14th of February, lovers day Valentine's Day.
Henry Hippo has a secret love for Helga. For a few years now he looks at her with huge candid eyes and hopes she will give him some attention. But no success. This year he's decided. He wants to impress Helga Hippo so that he can ask her out for the annual River Dance which is held on Valentine's Day. He knows that she likes hip musculine Hippo's. So he decided to dress up accordingly, but he has no idea how a tough hippo should dress. Please help him find the best outfit to attract Helga's attention by playing this fun Valentine's Day free game online.
Category: Girls

Valentines Cookies Decoration

Valentines Cookies Decoration free game

Make Valentines cookies and decorate them with hundreds of choices. With this cooking free game online you can choose cookie shapes, toppings and chocolates to create your own styles for your Valentines.
Category: Girls

Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine free game

Make a romantic Valentine's day scene for the very cute couple of this romantic free game online.
Category: Girls

Fashion Crush Dressup

Fashion Crush Dressup free game

In this new dress-up free game online for girls you'll enjoy another great fashion session. Make this nice girl looking fashionable by mixing different clothes and accessories.
Don't forget about the hair style and color and select the shoes you think will fit most for your clothes suite selected. Use your fashion skills and make this cute girl looking perfect today for another shopping session with her friends.
Category: Girls

Fashion Winter Dress Up

Fashion Winter Dress Up free game

Winter season is coming up and you're trying on some new outfits. Help jenny to dress up properly for the cold winter. Have fun dressing her up and enjoy this amazing free online game.
Category: Girls

Last Minute Makeover - Reporter

Last Minute Makeover - Reporter free game

Breaking news! The latest free online game of the last minute makeover series is here! This beautiful girl has to rush to the office to give a report on a breaking news item. Can you get her ready in time to report on this top story?
First, give her a short makeover and then dress her up. Make sure she looks beautiful in front of those cameras!
Category: Girls

Apple Farm Girl

Apple Farm Girl free game

Alice is spending her vacation in the countryside at her uncles. Help her to choose fun girl clothes suitable for a day in the country at this farm. Sweet and pretty Alice is used to play with her lovely animal friends since her childhood. She's a lucky one because she was born in a farm. That makes her a nature lover. Today she'll go out and play with her animals again. This cute farm girl needs some help in dressing herself up because she's going out to the apple farm and she's going to help around. Please give her a hand and make sure she looks perfect.
Category: Girls

Forest Fairy

Forest Fairy free game

In the magic forest there's an enchanted lake and near by lives a beautiful fairy. She's one of the most shy of all fairies. She was cursed by a mean witch to appear only at night time. To escape the curse, she needs to be found by the Prince of Forest who could save her from the beautiful prison. In order to find her, she must dress as colorful as she can, to put on sheer wings and cute, curly feelers. Because it is so dark, she sometimes mixes things up. Play this fantastic flash game and help her to find the most beautiful outfit. Choose from twirly skirts, cute tops and incredible dresses. The perfect touch are the sparkly wings. Have fun saving the Forest Fairy with fashion sense!
Category: Girls

Doraemon Fashion

Doraemon Fashion free game

Dobby is very fond of the Japanese style of the Doraemon fashion. In this cool free game online she requests you to help her to dress up in the Japanese style. Can you help her in dressing up so that she looks cute and also beautiful?
Category: Girls

Justin At Gym

Justin At Gym free game

Justin is a handsome boy and all girls love to be around him. He loves to keep fit and for this reason he goes to the gym everyday. All girls would like to have a boyfriend like him. He's a boy with nice body and blue eyes. But to look great he must also wear some fashion clothes. Try to choose for Justin some nice clothes and gym accessories for a special training day at gym. There are a lot of girls there and he must look great.
Category: Girls

Justin And Lisa In Love

Justin And Lisa In Love free game

Justin and Lisa love each other very much and they enjoy spending as much time together as they can. Decide where you want them to spend their time by changing the decor. They can either take a walk in the town park on a magical day of winter, or they can hide themselves from the cold in a cafe, drinking a cocoa to warm up. Let your imagination tell you how the perfect couple would look like. Choose the haircut that suits them best and dress them according to your taste. You can match their clothes colors to show to people how good they are together and how similar they are.
Category: Girls

Mocha Cream Pie

Mocha Cream Pie free game

Learn how to cook a delicious mocha cream pie in this cooking game.
Category: Girls

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