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Superior Room Escape

Superior Room Escape free game

Unfortunately the father closed the home and went outside, without knowing his kid was playing in his room. Kindly help the kid to escape from home by using the clues and objects inside.
Category: Adventure

Running Block

Running Block free game

Make the yellow box jumping over the obstacles to reach the end while continuously moving.
Category: Adventure

Unearthly Dungeon Escape

Unearthly Dungeon Escape free game

Unearthly Dungeon Escape is a mystery style room escape flash game in which you're trapped in a castle dungeon. You must find some hidden useful objects and combine them to help you escaping out.
Category: Adventure

Quest Maker

Quest Maker free game

Choose your class and start a life filled with adventure and glory. In this first version, you can be a warrior or a wizard, so distribute skillpoints and choose one quest. Three quests are created automatically and you must choose one of them and reach your goal.
Category: Adventure

The Breach

The Breach free game

Since its arrival in the Orbit of G-54, the Hermes, a prototype starship did not answer any communication nor did it give any sign of life. As the head of security of G-54, it is Sergei's job to go aboard the Hermes to see what's happening. What kind of horror Sergei will encounter on board of the Hermes? Learn what happened, fight horrible creatures, upgrade your character and collect powerful item, the Breach, in this unique horror adventure flash game.
Category: Adventure

Green Cloud Eco Action Hero

Green Cloud Eco Action Hero free game

The World's newest Eco-Hero is back in running action!
Blast your way through the Eco-Enemies and dangerous obstacles in this new exciting adventure game. Collect stars, run fast and blast your way to destroy the angry Sun!
Action Packed Eco Adventure on a Quest to Destroy the Angry Sun!
Category: Adventure

Another Planet

Another Planet free game

You are a pretty alien, who wants to return back home to his family. Collect 25 diamonds on the strange planet, be careful of evil plants, lava and other troubles. In these adventures, Jay might rely only on his laser sword, which can cut the ground. And your job is to help Jay to return home.
Category: Adventure

Autumn Walk

Autumn Walk free game

Autumn Walk is a quirky little flash game about walking your dog. It's suitable for ladies and gentlemen of all ages and occupations.
Category: Adventure

Journey Of Horror

Journey Of Horror free game

A boy named Nerd headed out of Happy Town not knowing that he was entering the town of Halloween Night: a town filled with monsters and magic. He was about a few minutes in town and that's when it happened, he heard a loud sound. He started to run without looking until he ran into someone!
It was a werewolf! The Nerd screamed and turned around only to find a vampire sneaking up on him, as he was about to be controlled by the vampire's gaze.
A witch flew past the vampire and grabbed the Nerd. The Nerd kicked and screamed! And at last he was able to push away from the witch and fell into a lagoon.
Then a fish monster tried to eat him. But before he did it, the Nerd dodged and started to run as fast as he could. He was somewhere in the center of town when he saw a CD just floating there. He felt a force pulling him to it. This was the same feeling he had when woke up today.
It was calling him. The monsters were now around him and before they could get him, he took the CD and it brought out a light that made all the monsters fade into the CD.
Category: Adventure

Enola: Prelude

Enola: Prelude free game

This exciting spin on the turn based RPG genre sends players on an epic journey across the land of Enola. Battle a wild variety of enemies and bosses across the 16 unique hand drawn levels of this addictive flash game. Collect materials, build new weapons and learn a devastating array of magic attacks.
After completing the game, you enter prestige mode where you keep all your weapons, items and spells but all the enemies become much harder and you will have to complete each level again. This is only a prelude: bigger things to come!
Category: Adventure

Dino Super Jump

Dino Super Jump free game

Help Dino to collect the coins while reaching the finish line in this fun free game online.
Don't let Dino to fall and beware of the enemies! Avoid them by jumping over them or kill them by jumping and landing on them.
Category: Adventure

Lost Space

Lost Space free game

You are the pilot of a spaceship. During hibernation, your ship arrived to the alien space station. And now you need to find an exit. The station is literally littered with a variety of traps, automatic turrets and other mechanical devices.
In addition, you are also a great mechanic. Buy upgrades, improve your ship and you can quickly fly to your planet.
Find an exit! Save your team!
Category: Adventure

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