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Locked Room

Locked Room free game

There's locked room in this escape free online game... and you are inside it. Escape!
Category: Adventure


Kuball free game

Navigate the ring trough the 14 levels of this flash game by pushing the green into the warp holes.
Category: Adventure

Only One World

Only One World free game

The Banana Prince and the Leaf Princess are good friends. One day, the princess was kidnapped by the devil in castle. The ice lion and the fire dragon guard the castle. In this exciting free game online you have to help the Banana Prince to find the keys and rescue the princess.
Category: Adventure

Kiss Me Softly

Kiss Me Softly free game

Adam and Eve love each other. They go for a boat trip along the river. In this kissing game you, of course, need to help them to kiss each other.
Category: Adventure

Number Lock Escape

Number Lock Escape free game

Escape the number lock room. Find clues and codes to break the safes and get the items necessary to escape.
Category: Adventure

Escape From The Cards Room

Escape From The Cards Room free game

In this escape flash game you are locked inside the cards room. You have to open the door by using the objects and clues inside the room.
Category: Adventure

Metro Polonaise

Metro Polonaise free game

This is a post apocalyptic free online game. You have to choose one of three characters: Stalker, Sniper or Bomber. After that you will be on an interesting and exciting trip, adventure, battles with monsters and a variety of enemies.
Category: Adventure

Hostage In The Attic

Hostage In The Attic free game

Hostage In The Attic is a challenging escape game from Rogue joker.
You wake up in an unfamiliar place, an old attic judging by the look of it. Your mind is groggy and the last thing you remember is that you were being hit on the head from behind as you were walking through the parking lot.
Soon realizing you are the victim of a kidnapping, you set about searching the attic for a way to escape.
Category: Adventure

Polar Ice

Polar Ice free game

There are 3 types of living enemies, all of which you can stomp or throw snowballs at.
The first and simplest is the penguin: he will only hurt you if you touch him from the front. From the back you can push him. It takes one snowball hit to kill him.
The second enemy is the polar bear: if you touch him from the front or back he will hurt you. He will notice you when you come too close and he will run to get you, if he notice you, he will roar and raise his paws to hurt you. If he is aware of you, you cannot stomp him, then you can only kill him with 2 snowball hits. If you approach him from the back, he wont notice you (unless you come too close) and then you can stomp him.
The third enemy is the most intelligent one: it is the Eskimo, he can shoot snowballs at you and jump at you when you try to jump him over, so be ware. It takes two snowballs to kill him, the first hit destroys his snowball gun. And the second kills him. Besides living enemies you have regular cannons and smart cannons, smart cannons shoot at you, while regular cannons just shoot in one direction. Also you have lasers that will burn you if you touch them, they will also burn your enemies so you can use that (push a penguin onto a laser). You also have sliding ice blocks, that move back and forth on a given platform, they are heavy so they will push you from the platform. You can stop them by standing on top of them. There are also spikes that you need to be aware of. To help you jump higher, there are red trampolines. You have 3 lives, the third time someone or something hurts you, you are dead. You can stand on ice or snow, ice is more slippery. You collect hearts when you are hurt. In order to pass a level you have to collect all the ice cubes in it. There are 9 levels, 3 are set in the afternoon, 3 at dusk, and 3 at night (the design of the background and the sun/moon movement changes).
Category: Adventure


SubMazeness free game

Find your path in dark levels using your sonar.
Upgrade your submarine with missiles to fight back invisible enemies and be fast to unlock all levels of this exciting free game online.
Category: Adventure

Submachine 8: The Plan

Submachine 8: The Plan free game

The submachine is all around us. You can feel it. But you can't escape it.
Or can you?....
Category: Adventure

Village Adventure

Village Adventure free game

This is an educational/adventure flash game. Main character of the game is a boy that will go to some place in the village. But when he goes to any palce in the village he must do some mission such as: collect the rubish, watering plant answering question from NPC and other joyful action.
Category: Adventure

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