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Number Riddle

Number Riddle free game

Solve the number riddles and form your words in this entertaining educational game.
Category: Educational

Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle free game

Make use of your massive vocabulary in this word game in which your goal is to find out the words according to the given meanings.
Category: Educational

Code Breaking

Code Breaking free game

The detective has received a mysterious letter which contains a message written in secret symbols. Can you help him to decode and reveal the original text? Quickly solve the riddle and find the answer with the fewest hints and you will surely be rewarded by the detective.
Category: Educational

Stickman Learn To Code

Stickman Learn To Code free game

This is a tutorial free online game of coding. If you pass the level, you can see and copy the open source code and you can use the code in your games.
Category: Educational

Drum Beats

Drum Beats free game

Do you want to show off your musical talent? Get your hands moving and follow the drum beats! In this educational game, your goal is to repeat the rhythm played by the computer. You will be given a set of twin drums and the computer will start playing the beats. Watch and listen carefully as you will be asked to play the beats along with the computer. Unleash your inner rhythmic spirit now!
Category: Educational

The (Almost) Insanely Impossible Quiz

The (Almost) Insanely Impossible Quiz free game

A challenging flash game with 23 questions, designed to test your general knowledge, with one twist: you will either get 100% or 0%. With 11 seconds to answer each question, you better have your wits about you.
Category: Educational

World Capitals Quiz

World Capitals Quiz free game

Set as a challenge to world travelers and global villagers alike, this free game online will require you to pick the correct capital of the country among 4 cities. Complete all 3 levels in perfection and become the king of the world!
Category: Educational

The Typing Of The Real Princess

The Typing Of The Real Princess free game

Practice fingering typing and read the story of today: "The Typing Of The Real Princess".
There was once a prince who wished to marry a princess; but then she must be a real princess. He traveled all over the world hoping to find such a lady; but there was always something wrong. For every princesses he found it was impossible for him to decide whether they were real princesses. For now one thing, now another, it seemed to him not quite right about the ladies. At last he returned to his palace quite cast down, because he wished so much to have a real princess as his wife.
Category: Educational

The Shoes Of Fortune

The Shoes Of Fortune free game

Practice fingering typing and read today's story: "The shoes of fortune".
Every author has some peculiarity in his descriptions or in his style of writing. Those who do not like him, magnify it, shrug up their shoulders, and exclaim: "There he is again!" I, for my part, know very well how I can bring about this movement and this exclamation. It would happen immediately if I were to begin here, as I intended to do, with: "Rome has its Corso, Naples its Toledo" - "Ah! that Andersen; there he is again!" they would cry; yet I must, to please my fancy, continue quite quietly, and add: "But Copenhagen has its East Street..."
Category: Educational

HH Drawing Board

HH Drawing Board free game

Draw the world of your heart to enjoy the fun of brush.
Category: Educational

Clueless Crossword

Clueless Crossword free game

Getting used to common crossword puzzles? Then try to solve the more challenging Clueless Crossword! Solve the riddle timely and you will be rewarded handsomely.
Category: Educational

Super Grocery Shopper

Super Grocery Shopper free game

Let's stand against inflation and unhealthy diet. Being a grocery shopper, your goal in the free online game is to spend as little money as possible while maintaining a balanced diet in the whole week. Each day you will be given a certain budget to purchase food ingredients in order to fulfill the calorie goal of that day. Spend your money wisely and stay healthy!
Category: Educational

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