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The Typing Of The Fir Tree

The Typing Of The Fir Tree free game

This is a typing free game online. Today's story is: "The Fir Tree".
Out in the woods stood a nice little Fir Tree. The place it had was a very good one: the sun shone on him: as to fresh air, there was enough of that, and around it grew many large-sized comrades, pines as well as firs. But the little Fir wanted so much to be a grown-up tree.
It did not think of the warm sun and of the fresh air; it did not care for the little cottage children that ran about and prattled when they were in the woods looking for wild-strawberries. The children often came with a whole pitcher full of berries, or a long row of them threaded on a straw, and sat down near the young tree and said, "Oh, how pretty it is! What a nice little fir!" But this was what the tree could not bear to hear...
Category: Educational

The Typing Of The Bell

The Typing Of The Bell free game

Practice fingering typing while reading today's story: "The Bell".
People said "The Evening Bell is sounding, the sun is setting." For a strange wondrous tone was heard in the narrow streets of a large town. It was like the sound of a church-bell: but it was only heard for a moment, for the rolling of the carriages and the voices of the multitude made too great a noise.
Those people who were walking outside the town, where the houses were farther apart, with gardens or little fields between them, could see the evening sky still better, and heard the sound of the bell much more distinctly. It was as if the tones came from a church in the still forest; people looked thitherward, and felt their minds attuned most solemnly...
Category: Educational

The Typing Of The Red Shoes

The Typing Of The Red Shoes free game

This is a new typing free game online. Practice fingering typing and read the story: "The Red Shoes".
There was once a little girl who was very pretty and delicate, but in summer she was forced to run about with bare feet. She was so poor and in winter she wore very large wooden shoes, which made her little insteps quite red, and that looked so dangerous. In the middle of the village lived old Dame Shoemaker; she sat and sewed together, as well as she could, a little pair of shoes out of old red strips of cloth; they were very clumsy, but it was a kind thought. They were meant for the little girl. The little girl was called Karen.
On the very day her mother was buried, Karen received the red shoes, and wore them for the first time. They were certainly not intended for mourning, but she had no others, and with stockingless feet she followed the poor straw coffin in them...
Category: Educational

Quick Calculations

Quick Calculations free game

Practice your math skills with this free game online. Quickly calculate these math questions before timer runs out. The higher you go, the harder the questions will be.
Category: Educational

Count The Cubes

Count The Cubes free game

How sharp is your geometric sense? Take this test and check it out. Your task in this free online game is to count the number of cubes with speed and accuracy. At each level of the game you will be given a number of cubes. Observe and count the quantity, then click the numpad on the right or press the corresponding key on your keyboard. If you would like to remove the current answer, you can click the Clear button on the screen. After you have completed a question, click the Submit button to check your answer. If the number you entered is correct, you will receive a score based on the amount of time you have spent as counted at the top of the screen. If you have chosen a wrong number, 1000 points will be deducted and you will need to find out the correct answer in order to proceed. As you advance in the game, the questions will become more complicated, and you need to count carefully or the final result will be unbearable!
Category: Educational

Maths Car

Maths Car free game

An educational/action free online game that you will love to play.
Category: Educational

Santa's Scrambled Sentences

Santa's Scrambled Sentences free game

Unscramble Santa's sentences and he will give you more presents.
Category: Educational

Word Grid

Word Grid free game

How many words can you form with the given letters? In this free game online you will be given 16 letter tiles and your task is to form words with 3 to 8 letters within the time limit. Win the game by finding all the words and become a real expert.
Category: Educational

Alphabet Jungle

Alphabet Jungle free game

Spell your way out of the boiling pot in this fun word game.
Category: Educational

Math Mountain

Math Mountain free game

Answer math questions to climb the mountain and graduate from the current level.
Category: Educational

Math 101

Math 101 free game

Put your math skills to the test in this fast-paced number adding and subtracting frenzy.
Category: Educational

US Cities

US Cities free game

Do you know where the major US cities are? Then give this educational game a try.
Category: Educational

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