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Da Tap Tap Game

Da Tap Tap Game free game

How long can you press your arrow keys for? This free online game is exercice for your fingers. Use that as your work excuse.
Category: Rhythm


ElectroMania free game

A rhythm free online game like Guitar hero or DjMAx with five songs and multiple difficulty levels.
Category: Rhythm


Ballz free game

Balls are falling! Stop them from reaching the bottom using the correctly colored paddle.
They fall faster and faster though!
Category: Rhythm

Nirvana (English)

Nirvana (English) free game

Are you ready to reach nirvana? In this flash game you need to let the ring of Nirvana to move up to the top. Be sure that the ring does not touch your body. You can choose between two different type of games. After successfully completing all levels you can reach Nirvana and do your meditation.
Category: Rhythm

Color Jump

Color Jump free game

A fun free online game about a ball color. You have to jump on the multi-colored platforms, the path of changing its color and conquering flags.
Category: Rhythm

Impulse 4

Impulse 4 free game

Sea, beach, crab, and a lot of balls that want to destroy it. Help him to escape!
Category: Rhythm

Little Cute Farmer

Little Cute Farmer free game

Imagine you are a little cute farmer and today your mom has to go to the market for some urgent work and you have to take care of all the animals in the farm. Don't hesitate or lose courage. Just follow the instructions and make all the animals and plants happy, so that when your mom back from the market they'll look like a happy family.
Category: Rhythm

Squirrel Scurry

Squirrel Scurry free game

A fun and addictive skill game. It is an excellent free game online to tease your laziness of mind. Easy to play, just move mouse and put over the squirrels to get the desired movements of the squirrels. They all need to move or sit at the same time.
Category: Rhythm

Pop 5

Pop 5 free game

Play this cool free online game, pop to the beat and see just how far you can make it.
Category: Rhythm


Tambores free game

Play drums with this cool rhythm game.
Category: Rhythm

Virtual Guitar - Gibson

Virtual Guitar - Gibson free game

Play your favorite Gibson guitar on your computer.
Category: Rhythm


JABBO Live! free game

The world's first video chat music free online game.
JABBO is a video chat game that uses your webcam to detect movement.
Now with JABBO Live, you can thump to the beat of catchy tunes while meeting new people over webcam.
Don't want to be seen on webcam but want to play JABBO Live? Don't worry, JABBO Live provides an option to protect your identity while you play.
Category: Rhythm

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