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Drum Genius

Drum Genius free game

Sometimes even the smallest drum set makes a difference.
Category: Rhythm

Comic: Block Avoid

Comic: Block Avoid free game

Comic Block Avoid, is the second game in the Comic Series of avoiding free online games with three different difficulties.
Category: Rhythm

JABBO Ultimatum

JABBO Ultimatum free game

JABBO is a fun and engaging music-based free game online that uses your webcam to detect movement.
Now you can thump to the beat of catchy tunes with a webcam-enabled computer in the privacy of your own home.
JABBO Ultimatum can also be played with a keyboard.
Category: Rhythm

Music Mass

Music Mass free game

Make your own atmospheric tunes with this rhythm flash game.
Category: Rhythm


Simon free game

Test your memory with this lights and sound free online game.
Category: Rhythm

Fish Slap

Fish Slap free game

Can you jump higher and faster than your fishy foes? Find it out in the dark underworld of fish alley.
Category: Rhythm

Drum Hero 2010

Drum Hero 2010 free game

If you want to become a drum hero, Drum Hero 2010 is your free game online.
Category: Rhythm

Key Master

Key Master free game

Key Master is a rhythm based flash game for your keyboard.
Tap to the music and copy the patterns as they scroll down from above. Unlock new songs and try to achieve the highest scores.
Category: Rhythm

Catch The Ball V2

Catch The Ball V2 free game

Enjoy beautiful background cloud images while trying to take the ball to the highest floor throughout all six levels.
Beware! This flash game is not so easy as it may seem.
Category: Rhythm

Jazz Man

Jazz Man free game

A music game with three stages.
Stage 1: Avoid.
Stage 2: Collect.
Stage 3: Match.
This is a quick free online game with jazz music and jazz art.
Category: Rhythm

Sausage Factory

Sausage Factory free game

Welcome to your new job: working the night shift at the Sausage Factory. Your livelihood and the well being of your family now depend entirely on precise control of state-of-the-art smashers that pulverize our organic ingredients into tasty, tender meat treats. It's simple: Smash the right color ingredients with the corresponding colored smasher to fulfill the day's recipes and volume quota and you'll live to work another day. Fail and you'll be sent off to eke out what's left of your drab, meatless existence alone. Sausage Factory is a challenging free game online for 1-4 players (multiplayer is played with multiple players stationed around one computer and keyboard).
Category: Rhythm

Beatbusta Pro

Beatbusta Pro free game

This was an old project. You can make various beats from it and it's a great sfx box to play around with when your bored.
Category: Rhythm

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