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Idrummer Free App

Idrummer Free App free game

Do you want the app that has sweeped the nation but don't want to pay $200 for an iPod or iPhone and the 99c on the app. Now all you need is an internet connection and, of course, Idrummer Free App.
Category: Rhythm

Piano Collector

Piano Collector free game

A relaxing, piano notes collecting game.
17 classical songs are included in the game.
Category: Rhythm

Idrummer V2 Free App

Idrummer V2 Free App free game

Do you want the app that has sweeped the nation but don't want to pay $200 for an iPod or iPhone and the 99c on the app? Now all you need is an internet connection, and Idrummer V2 Free App of course.
Category: Rhythm

Moshi Dancing Lessons

Moshi Dancing Lessons free game

Moshi is learning how to dance. Monkey, her best friend, will teach her. Take the role of Monkey and teach Moshi to dance just by playing this free online game now!
Category: Rhythm

Monsters Gone Wild

Monsters Gone Wild free game

Help these monsters to find their groove while they try to move to the beat.
Category: Rhythm

Typing Hero

Typing Hero free game

Type the bass track of the Black Sabbath song "War Pigs".
Category: Rhythm

Drumkit Simulator

Drumkit Simulator free game

Record and share you own drum beats with this cool free online game.
Category: Rhythm

Guitar Jam

Guitar Jam free game

An addictive music skill game, all about guitarists having a jam session.
Category: Rhythm

Take A Walk

Take A Walk free game

This free game online is about music, rhythm and walk. It is easy to play, but if you want to complete the whole game(unlock all achievements), you must be fully immersed in music.
Category: Rhythm

Bricks Destroyer

Bricks Destroyer free game

Try to break all bricks to enter the next level of this addictive flash game.
Some bricks have bonus, that could help you.
Different objects will hinder you.
You can hit some of them with ball.
Other objects can be destroyed by ship.
Category: Rhythm

Bubble Dragon

Bubble Dragon free game

Control a dragon and clear levels from monsters in this addictive game.
You can catch them into bubbles. If you touch bubbled monster, it will burst.

There are 2 types of monsters in the game: simple and advanced. Each 6-th level of the game includes 4 advanced monsters. They can shoot you with magic fireballs.
There are also 3 power bonuses: fire, water and lightning.
Category: Rhythm

60 Second Life

60 Second Life free game

You have 60 seconds to live a 75 years long life. How will you spend your short time on Earth? Will you strive for success, search for love, hang out with your friends or take time for your hobbies?
Category: Rhythm

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