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Sound Bound

Sound Bound free game

It's a chance of a lifetime! Don the DJ's mantle and make the world dance to your tunes in this addictive rhythm game.
Category: Rhythm

Multi Tasks

Multi Tasks free game

A fun and hard rhythm game. Try to do all the tasks in the same time. The second task is unlocked after 5 points.
If you are crazy, play game in hard mode and unlock all the achievements!
Category: Rhythm

Rhythem Up

Rhythem Up free game

Shoot hordes of enemies and survive while catching all the incoming beats to unleashed special weapon or power up. Upgrade your plane and the weapon in this frantic shoot'em up with a touch of rhythm game. Survive through the level and aim for the highest score of beats.
Category: Rhythm

Top Webcam Chat Game

Top Webcam Chat Game free game

The world's first video chat music game.
This is a video chat game that uses your webcam to detect movement.
Now with JABBO Live, you can thump to the beat of catchy tunes while meeting new people over webcam.
Don't want to be seen on webcam but want to play JABBO Live? Don't worry, JABBO Live provides an option to protect your identity while you play.
Category: Rhythm

Click Dance

Click Dance free game

A fun rhythm free online game like Guitar Hero.
Category: Rhythm


Music free game

Play music on your keyboard and play it back.
Category: Rhythm

Natural Dance

Natural Dance free game

A simple free online game where you just need to dance for finding the great mark: A+.
Category: Rhythm

Blergo Beats 2

Blergo Beats 2 free game

Two synthesizers and a drum machine. Program funky music loops with a few clicks of the mouse in this great free online game.
Category: Rhythm


DUBSTEP free game

Have fun to play this addictive free online game in which you can write music with your keyboard.
Category: Rhythm

ASD Piano Maestro Compositor (Spanish version)

ASD Piano Maestro Compositor (Spanish version) free game

The ASD Piano is a device made by I2 Interactive and sold widely everywhere. Here you can have fun playing with it. It has 7 keys that correspond to the 7 notes and you can play them by pressing the corresponding keys on your Keyboard A-S-D-F-G-H-J
In this free game online you have 3 modes to have your fun time with the ASD Piano TM.
Free Mode: Here you can play as you like, pressing the keys as you wish, click the Back button to go to tittle screen.
Memory: You will hear a short melody and then you have to play it again, many short melodies will pop and after succesfully playing them you can submit your score to the Hi-Score table.
Composer: You can compose your own original pieces and share with your friends. Show the world the talent you have.
Category: Rhythm

Gangnam Style Dance

Gangnam Style Dance free game

Gangnam style madness entered the flash game sector, too! This new phenomenon gangman dance free game online was produced right for you. The game is in four different areas with two levels of difficulty.
We suggest that you practice before starting. After the game you can measure your gangnam style level by recording your score.
Category: Rhythm

Star Attack

Star Attack free game

It's a physical shooting game, very special and fun!
1. There are have 40 levels and, the higher the level, the more your fun

2.There are 6 kinds of enemies and more attack kinds.

3.There are 3 Boss in the game; each boss has its own 5 attacks.
4.The game has an upgrade system.
5.The player attack contains bomb and protect, sandan.
Category: Rhythm


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