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Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi free game

In this racing game you're a crazy cabbie racing against the clock. Swerve to avoid other cars... or just jump right over them!
Category: Racing

London Taxi Madness

London Taxi Madness free game

Try to reach the next checkpoint within the given time limit and be careful as other cars will try block you. Sometimes they will even block all 3 lanes so you will have to use a special feature of your taxi. Just jump over other cars and continue your high speed frenzy.
Once you pass a checkpoint, you will get additional time. As you progress the time for passing a waypoint will steadily decrease.
Later in the game you will be able to pick up clocks which will add 5 seconds to your time.
There are also turbo items on the track. Collect 3 of them to activate the turbo. Unlock secret cars if you can beat very high scores. While other taxi drivers may get bored, you will certainly like your duty.
Category: Racing

School Bus License

School Bus License free game

Deliver all the pupils to school on time, without crashing into anything. Do it well and you'll be a full-blown bus driver.
Category: Racing

Bee Race Underwater 2

Bee Race Underwater 2 free game

Be the fastest bee to fix the broken pipelines. But be aware of the evil bubbles in this action/racing free online game.
Category: Racing

Parking Place

Parking Place free game

Park your car in the right place without hitting other cars.
Category: Racing

2 Players Challenge

2 Players Challenge free game

Join the 2 players challenge and see if you can be the winner of the race.
Category: Racing

Wheels And Zombies

Wheels And Zombies free game

Race and fight the zombies in this amazing free online game. Collect points and upgrade your car.
Category: Racing

City Race 2

City Race 2 free game

Racing in the city can be dangerous when gangsters are all around.
Category: Racing

Bike Zone 3

Bike Zone 3 free game

Ready to test your bike riding skills in a new bike driving game?
Ride over the all obstacles on a level without crashing your bike.
Category: Racing

Ride On The Road

Ride On The Road free game

Just Ride on the road and have fun.
Category: Racing

Mini Biker

Mini Biker free game

Ride your mini bike through the path. Activate the missing path on your way to finish each level of this exciting flash game. Use strategy to complete each level. Collect points to score high.
Category: Racing

Extreme Stunts 2

Extreme Stunts 2 free game

Perform extreme stunts to complete each level of this addictive free game online.
Each level is assigned with new targets. Complete the task to unlock other stunts.
Unlock new bike after every two levels.
Category: Racing

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