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Energy free game

This is a simple collection and avoiding game. In the game you are a pilot of a mining aircraft working on a routine mission. Unfortunately, you encountered the enemy's attack. Your aircraft is not designed for fighting and nobody can help you for now. All you can do is avoid a mass of mines with your excellent driving skill.
Category: Flying

Grape Galaxy S

Grape Galaxy S free game

This is a story about Hiro, the rookie starship shooter, who is trying to save his planet Ginmar.
Category: Flying

President VS Invaders

President VS Invaders free game

Evil invaders have arrived to the Earth. They are destroying everything they see. To save the President, it was decided to put him on a special airplane. It has to stay in the air as long as possible and wait. Maybe these aliens get bored and fly away.
This is a scroll-shooter/avoider game with pixel-art graphics where you should stay alive as long as possible shooting enemies, collecting bonuses, receiving gun upgrades and achievements.
Category: Flying

Phantom Fighter

Phantom Fighter free game

Fly with your Phantom Fighter and clear all of the enemy objects. Shoot down all of the helicopters, Apache and other war planes and go to the next level with your new mission. Try also to collect the amo which are sent to you from the sky.
Category: Flying

Just Survive!

Just Survive! free game

Fly with your spaceship through an enemy plantary system where dangerous aliens wil fight hard to exterminate you. Enjoy the fun of classic shoot'em up in this free action game. And most of all, just survive!
Category: Flying

Gravity 360

Gravity 360 free game

You have been assigned a dangerous space gem collecting mission. The only thing standing in your way is a strong gravitational pull, some unfriendly aliens and super fast moving asteroids.
Category: Flying

Aliens Must Die: The Jupiter Wars

Aliens Must Die: The Jupiter Wars free game

Take control of the last starship and defeat endless rounds of alien bad guys. Your co-pilot Annie will help you in this hard mission.
Category: Flying


ProtoWing free game

As the enemy invasion continues to decimate the defending fleet, there is only one hope left for your homeworld: a prototype fighter, never tested in battle.
Equipped with a revolutionary new weapon system, this proto-wing is capable of delivering an increasingly powerful barrage of various munitions.
The time has come to take the fight to the enemy. You're the last hope for your world.
Category: Flying

WW2 Invasion

WW2 Invasion free game

Take on the worlds military defences with your high tech space ship and take control of planet Earth.
Category: Flying

Lord Of The Skies

Lord Of The Skies free game

Take on massive fleets of jets in order to become king of the skies. Avoid enemy bullets and rockets.
Category: Flying

Topo Gun

Topo Gun free game

A short and fun vertical shooting game. Can you be the best Top Gun?
Category: Flying

Hungery Plane

Hungery Plane free game

This plane is hungry for fuel. Can you help it to survive in space?
Category: Flying

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