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Christmas Gift Journey - 5

Christmas Gift Journey - 5 free game

Another point and click type of escape free game online.
This game is the story of a little boy's journey towards his Christmas gift. The journey starts from the little boy's house and ends in North Pole Santa Claus' house. This little boy is going to travel totally five parts to reach his Christmas gift. In each part he will be trapped or he will get into struggle between somewhere. You have to travel in this journey with this little boy to help him getting the Christmas gift from Santa.
This is the final part of the journey.
Finally the little boy is now in front of Santa's house. Help the boy to wake up Santa to get his Christmas gift and finish the journey. Before that, you have to find the way to open Santa's bedroom door. And don't forget the previous level letter code because Santa will ask the boy to enter the three digit code to get his Christmas gift.
Category: Puzzle

Christmas Gift Collection

Christmas Gift Collection free game

Christmas Gift collection is a point and click hidden objects free online game. You need to collect all the Christmas gifts hidden in this snowland house and place it in the correct place.
Category: Puzzle

Christmas Difference Game

Christmas Difference Game free game

Try to find all differences in this Christmas style puzzle game.
Category: Puzzle

Sugar Free Super Hero: Christmas Time

Sugar Free Super Hero: Christmas Time free game

Santa is riding his flying sleigh and drops presents for kids. However, he doesn't drop them quite well and without your help most presents will break. So you control a super hero that needs to catch falling presents and throw them more accurately.
Category: Action

Merlin's Christmas

Merlin's Christmas free game

Someone tried to sabotage christmas turning off the sparkling star at the top of christmas tree. Merlin has to turn it on. Please, play this Christmas game and help him!
Category: Action

Merlin's Christmas 2

Merlin's Christmas 2 free game

Santa's sleigh was sabotaged. Now Merlin is the only one able to rescue the presents. Can you help him?
Category: Action

Santa Plane

Santa Plane free game

Help Santa to collect as many presents as you can, and as fast as you can, to get the higher score. Do not crash against other planes and slow down the other planes to escape of a situation.
Category: Flying

Bulo Turkey Hunting

Bulo Turkey Hunting free game

Bulo Turkey Hunting is a shooting game to celebrate Thanksgiving. How long will you resist the attack of the crazy turkeys? Bulo decides to shoot the turkeys with her bow and arrows and fry them all. Shoot only the turkeys and not the pumpkins, else you will lose a life. Shoot as much as possible and enjoy Thanksgiving day with this fun free online game.
Category: Shooting

Angry Thanksgiving

Angry Thanksgiving free game

Everyone is happy and getting ready for Thanksgiving. But what everyone doesn't know is that this year the turkeys are planning an all out war they even made castles. You're the only one now that can fight them back, so that everyone can enjoy Thanksgiving.
Category: Shooting

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner free game

Rabell has been invited by her friends for a Thanksgiving dinner. She wants to look hot and cute. So she's asking you to get to her the hottest new fashion trends so that she looks attractive. Can you?
Category: Girls

Turkey Bomb

Turkey Bomb free game

It's Thanksgiving time, so everyone is trying to catch the turkey in different ways. Here's the one way to catch the turkey: the bombs are falling from the sky and you want to help the turkey to survive as long as possible from the timer bomb. And get more scores by surviving long time. You have only three lives in the game. Good luck and happy Thanksgiving day to all.
Category: Skill

Turkey Fence Jump

Turkey Fence Jump free game

The objective of this fun free game online is to help Pinka saving the turkeys by jumping over the electric fence. There will also be obstacles in the higher levels to make the game harder.
Category: Action

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