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Daft Blox

Daft Blox free game

A highly addictive box-exploding puzzle game. Spin, move and drop your blocks to make lines of 3 or more matching colours explode. Make explosions near the grey blocks to blow them up. Blow up all the grey blocks to complete the level.
Category: Puzzle

Valentine Love Dating

Valentine Love Dating free game

This girl wants to have a date with two boys, but she has to choose only one of them. Which one do you think is better for her? Now, play this valentine game and give her a romantic dating.
Category: Girls

Valentines Party Ava Dressup

Valentines Party Ava Dressup free game

Dress up Ava for a romantic night in fashions. Click and pick the various tops and bottoms, necklaces, hair, and other accessories onto Ava to dress her up and make her look her best during her night out romancing. A valentine good time.
Category: Girls

Romantic Valentine's Day Date

Romantic Valentine's Day Date free game

After several days, it is Valentine's Day. This sweet girl has prepared for the date with her boyfriend. It is their first Valentine's Day, therefore, she wants to look really chic for him. Now, help her changing her hairstyle, selecting stylish clothes, and wearing chic accessories. Wish them a romantic date. Happy Valentine's Day.
Category: Girls

Pimp My Jeans

Pimp My Jeans free game

Teenagers are spicing up their dressing style by re-designing their jeans. Choose Miley Cyrus or Justin Biber and use your fashion skills to design and decorate their jeans to make them stylish.
Category: Girls

Cutie Cake Party

Cutie Cake Party free game

This is a sunny weekend. Bonnie is preparing to make a cake party. Look, she is making the cake. In the process she is very careful and selects her favourite color and patterns. On the top of the cake, put some delicious fruit. This cake is both healthy and delicious. Now, put the cake and drink on the table. Are you ready? Delicious cake party is beginning.
Category: Girls

Black Jack Card Counter Coach

Black Jack Card Counter Coach free game

The Black Jack Card Counter Coach is by far the best tool to learn how to keep a correct count in blackjack without the use of any technical assistance.
Card counting is all about calculating the balance in the deck. Our Card Counting Coach is based on what is known as the Hi-Lo system, and the trick is to get your money in when the balance of the deck favors the player.
Get your count right and learn how to recognize a 'hot' deck, mixed with a correct blackjack strategy that can be very profitable for your game in the long run.
Category: Casino

7 Minute Bash

7 Minute Bash free game

If you've played video poker before, get ready to take it to a whole new level. 7 Minute Bash is like video poker on steroids.
A unique game of chance, skill & strategy with 7 minutes to make as much money as you can. It's a race against the clock and a frantic grab for cash.
Double up your winnings, earn points and discover hidden bonuses. Are you good enough to make the High Rollers Leaderboard?
Category: Casino


Pokanoid free game

Pokanoid combines video-poker with breakout to give you endless hours of fun. Grab bonuses and multipliers as you collect poker hands and become a true high-roller.
Category: Casino

Ade Hearts

Ade Hearts free game

Ade Hearts is a trick taking game in which the aim is to avoid winning tricks containing hearts. The queen of spades is even more to be avoided.
Category: Casino

Black Jack Trainer

Black Jack Trainer free game

Make sure you know the optimal strategy before you hit the blackjack tables. This will reduce the house edge to below one percent.
In this blackjack trainer, you will get coaching as you play. If you make an incorrect decision, the trainer will tell you the correct move. But if you play optimally, the blackjack simulator won't bother you.
When you've played a couple of sessions without getting any comments on your strategy, then you're ready to play for real.
Category: Casino


78 free game

In this game you have to make as many hands as you can to post a WIN over your opponent.
To get a hand the only thing you must do is to throw a card higher than what your opponent has played considering that Ace is highest card.
Category: Board

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