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Hotel Cleanup

Hotel Cleanup free game

Start your day cleaning up the hotel rooms and help the little girl swap around the rooms, in the dinning area and in the hotel lobby.
Hotel Cleanup is a challenging free game online to test your management skill.
Category: Skill

Hotel Baron

Hotel Baron free game

Build and manage your own five star hotel. Hotel Baron is a lightweight, easy-to-pick-up business simulation free game online in the hotel world. Build the hotel of your dreams; construct the building, add floors and rooms, decorate yard, hire and manage staff, build pools, establish services, adjust pricing and improve customer satisfaction, revenue and profits. Attract even thousands of guests and make them smile (after emptying their wallets, naturally).
Category: Strategy

Jane's Hotel Mania

Jane's Hotel Mania free game

Our well-known business lady Jane is back again. With the new Time Management game Jane's Hotel Mania from Realore you will feel like a hotel king. Help Jane's niece Jenny to become a hotel magnate and build your own villa in this exciting strategy game.
Manage hotels in Scotland, Egypt, Monaco and the cold wild Russia. More complicated structure of the hotels and system of services and cool mini-games are waiting for you in this fascinating Jane's Hotel Mania game.
Category: Strategy

Frenzy Hotel

Frenzy Hotel free game

Located in the mid-town, Debbie's father has abandoned his small hotel business. But Debbie has an idea to rebuild it and wants to run back hotel business before it will be shutdown in 8 days.
Your job is to help Debbie to serve the tourists and make them happy. Also, remember to buy some upgrades to help you winning the game.
Category: Strategy

Janes Hotel. Family Hero

Janes Hotel. Family Hero free game

This amazing free online game will let you explore the world's latest tendencies in hotel business and challenge yourself with a greater goal.
Category: Action

Hotel Parking Lot

Hotel Parking Lot free game

Can you park your car in the busy hotel parking lot of this challenging free game online?
Category: Skill

5 Stars Hotel Escape

5 Stars Hotel Escape free game

You are trapped in a luxury 5 stars hotel. Find objects and clues in order to escape.
Category: Adventure

Elite Hotel Parking

Elite Hotel Parking free game

An entertaining parking free game online. Hotel clients trust you with their expensive toy and will be very upset if you crush their car. Skirt around the obstacles and other expensive automobiles.
Category: Skill

Bed And Breakfast 3

Bed And Breakfast 3 free game

Prepare yourself for the awesome sequel to the Bed and Breakfast series of free games online. Run your bed and breakfast and turn it into an international hotel with casinos, cafes and much more!
Making your bed and breakfast hotel great isn't easy, so look for staff to help you run different parts of your hotel. Without them, you won't get very far.
You'll have to keep an eye on the people you employ, as they may fall asleep and need waking up! They are also slow workers, so you may need to step in sometimes to give them a hand!
If you want to give holiday goers a great time, you have to make sure you have the best facilities and active staff to keep them happy!
Make this the best bed and breakfast ever and give your guests a great time!
Category: Strategy

Sing Escape Hotel

Sing Escape Hotel free game

This is a room escape puzzle online game. You're trapped in the hotel room and you must find some useful hidden objects and use them to escape.
Category: Adventure

Valet Hotel Parking

Valet Hotel Parking free game

You need to make some extra cash for the summer, so you started to work at the hotel as a newest Valet Parking attendant. Park the car carefully, otherwise if you bash the car too much you'll get fired.
Improve your parking skill playing this challenging free game online.
Category: Skill


Zomballoons free game

As the doorman to a spiffy and very classy hotel, it's up to you to prevent peasants and other rabble from encroaching on your fine establishment. So when Zombies turn up looking to party in the penthouse, it's up to you to make sure they never make it that high.
Enjoy this zombie shooting free online game!
Category: Shooting


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